Welcome to our disclaimer page.

It contains what ACADite Nigeria is NOT about. Kindly read to the end.

1. No expo

ACADite Nigeria does NOT participate in the sale or distribution of illegal examination materials such as expos and “runs”.

We frown at all forms of examination malpractices because you deserve a result that you can proudly defend to anyone… anywhere.

It is for this reason that we connect you (free of charge) to the materials, information and guidance essential for your legit exam success.

What is required of you is EFFORT.

But if you still insist on expos and “runs”, then… Look Elsewhere.

2. No Affiliation

ACADite Nigeria is NOT in any way associated with or affiliated to any institution in Nigeria.

None of our staff is any of the exam or school official nor do we Help People Process Admission.

We only provide you with the necessary guides, news and legit academic materials.

We are, therefore, NOT responsible for anyone you connect with for malpractice or fraud in the name of ACADite Nigeria.

Should you suspect any irregularities or scam attempt on this website or with our name, CLICK HERE to report it to us immediately.